North Oaken Academy Of Defense
NORAD Schedule &Activities Overview

8 am-9 am
ONLY Merchants! Early entry, 8 am to 9 am

9 am
Event opens to general populace at 9 am. Coffee service opens. Inspections and authorizations begin. Lists open.


10 am

Classes begin.

11 am

Lunch tavern opens, stays open until everything's gone or court, whichever comes first. Inspections and authorizations end.


2 pm

Coffee service closes


3 pm

Classes end

4 pm

All lists close, all classes end

5 pm:

Tentatively, Court; or time announced convenient for Their Excellencies

The event closes at 7 pm. All guests are asked to please clear the site by then.

We appreciate your help and cooperation during clean-up!


Armored sessions and tournaments: Click link for details



Rapier sessions and tournaments: Descriptions coming soon!



Cut and Thrust sessions and tournaments: Descriptions coming soon!



Archery sessions and tournaments: Descriptions coming soon!



Arts and Sciences: Largess Derby


Arts and Sciences Display: Descriptions coming soon



Class Descriptions and Schedule: Content coming soon!

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Up to the minute event news:

Patrick Theobald

3014 Conlin Dr. Akron, OH 44319


$15 per adult ($5 member discount)
Ages 10-17: $5. Ages 10 and under: free