North Oaken Academy Of Defense
Classes and Class Schedule

10:00 am

Stretching for Fighters  Lady Taisiia Volodimerna

Simple stretches to get loosened up to fight. Bring a sword and be prepared to move around.


Basic Footwork  Dread Pirate Prudence ”

An intro to Footwork, why it's important, basic drills, and a refresher course for any level.


Rapier Marshaling (Part 1, discussion)  Warder Crede, North Oaken Rapier Marshal

A class for Marshals in Training, covering marshaling concerns, equipment inspection, list safety, etc. Students earn a full set of signatures. Bring a flash-drive and go home with all the forms you will need as Marshals. 2 hours (1 hour discussion, 1 hour practical)


Largesse 101: What, Why and How to Get Started  Lady Mar'itsa Sumnikova

Largesse is an example of the Virtue of Generosity, come learn about Largesse during period and how to get involved with the making and gifting of Largesse within the Society from Personal Tokens to donations to the Crown. All are welcome. Bring questions!


History of Herbalism and Starting Your Herbal  Lady Caelfind an Bhoga

This class gives an overview of the history of herbalism and medicine focusing on Herbals. We will then work on starting our own herbals with notebooks and supplies provided. $3 for materials. Class limit: 10.



DiGrassi for the Case Fighter  Forester Aidan Tyrvason

Skills from an Italian swordmaster to use two swords more effectively. Bring fencing equipment.


Rapier Marshaling (Part 2, practical)  Warder Crede, North Oaken Rapier Marshal


Bring Your Rapier to Cut & Thrust AKA You Don't Need a Longsword to Do C&T   Lord Raffaello Bartolomeo d'Bolognia

Ever want to try Cut & Thrust? Don't want to buy new gear? Great! This class will teach C&T basics, and how to participate with your current sword. I'll also show how to upgrade your kit without spending a lot of cash. Please bring your entire rapier kit. It is needed to show you how to upgrade for c&t standards. There will be slow work.


But What Can My Kid DO? A Guide to Urchins in the SCA   Deirdre MakKyneth

Information on activities and events to keep minor Scadians busy and enthusiastic.


Stenciling and Stamping Fabrics  Baroness Katarina Peregrine, OP

All supplies provided! Learn how to use modern materials to add motifs to fabrics. Please know: THIS WILL BE MESSY. You might want to throw a big Tshirt on over your event day garb. No fee, ages 12 and up.


12:00  Lunch Break: get some brain food so you can learn more!



C&T: Intro to Grappling  Warder Marcos de Ribera

Covering rules, conventions, and all other aspects to help you complete your authorization in the grappling experiment. C&T Gear highly encouraged to have as we will do some open grappling as well as authorizations if possible.


Teaching Western Martial Arts \Fencing  Comtessa Elena d'Artois

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced fencers who are responsible for teaching fencing at local practices. Concepts can be applied in class settings as well as one on one coaching. Discussion will cover the varied learning styles and ideas for teaching that can connect with them. A sample class lesson and drill will be demonstrated that includes many learning styles.  Italian rapier in the Venetian style will be the content used, but the pedagogical concepts can be applied to other martial disciplines.

Equipment needed: single rapier, gloves, mask, and gorget. Students are encouraged to bring writing utensils if they wish to take notes. A handout outline of the class content will be provided. Basic understanding of Italian fencing terms is required.


Martial Arts for Armed Services Veterans  Lord Kazimir Volkov

A roundtable discussion on fighting for veterans and those with PTSD or similar ailments


Medieval Wooden Spools  Lord Malachie Rembert

Learn to make spools for period sewing. Every student makes some and learns how to wind them. Each spool $1


Care and Maintenance of Rapiers  Lord Cadwgan Faber

Tired of your friends pointing and laughing at your rusty blades? Embarrassed by your rivals pointing out that you don't know how to polish your sword? Come, shake the rust off that blade, and learn some care and maintenance techniques from getting nicks out of your blade to polishing that pommel . Plus, everyday care tips that will leave you the envy of the list. Bring that rusty sword with you and learn how to clean it up.


Simple Tunic and Pants Pattern  Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair (Shonna of Vito's Minions)

We will make a simple pattern for a tunic and pants using your measurements. Bring a sewing tape measure if you have one. 16 and older please.$1 for handout. Maximum 10 students. 2 hours.



Melee 101  Captain Mael Duin Mac Gilla Ennae

Intro to Large Scale Melees.


Command Voice 101  Lord DonalBane of Blakmers

All SCA commanders, be they rapier, armored or otherwise, need to be heard on the battlefield. How can it be done on battlefield, especially without blowing out your voice? Techniques from heraldic and bardic arts can help anyone develop their command voice. Please bring your masks and/or helms. We will move outside weather permitting.


Nim/Mehen Combo Game Bag  Lord Malachie Rembert

Make two games: one a strategy game for two players, and second a multi-player race game in one bag. Best for adults. $3


Ancient Greek Theatre  Lady Milisandia MacGreghere

Learn about the start of theatre, the elements of tragedy and comedy, and read a short version of a Greek play.




Effective Dagger (intermediate)  Master Giles fitz Alan

Learn how to effectively wield a dagger beyond the 'windshield wiper parry'. The class will cover other parry styles, binds and replacements that can give your dagger more usefulness as both a parrying device and an offensive device. For the basic class you will need a sword dagger and mask. For the additional sparring session you will need full armor. 1 hour instruction, 1 hour practice. Age limit 18, 16 if another youth marshal is available.


How to Defeat Taller Opponents  Lady Lucia Keyferin

Ever feel like you ended up with the short end of the stick in a fight?  Just because you may be shorter and/or smaller than your opponent doesn't mean you have no recourse!  Learn some tips and tricks to get the edge on your taller foe.  Class will be geared toward Cut and Thrust/ Rapier combat, but general principles apply to all forms of close combat.  Bring your weapon of choice, loaner swords will be available.  Armor not required.


Legally Defensible Melee  Captain Mael Duin Mac Gilla Ennae

Discussion on legal and illegal melee actions and tactics, as well as what to do when confronted by them.


Mr. Pen Is Your Friend  Baroness Katarina Peregrine, OP

Learn basic calligraphic skills and how to make the pen work for you. 2 hours. Class limit 6. Ages 13 and up


A&S Documentation  Mistress Cerridwen Verch Ioreword

Ever delve into the rabbit hole of research but not know how to present all you learned? A&S documentation has different ways for different competitions to be successful. Come to learn and discuss various methods.



Parry What?  Lord Gabriel Baum

What, exactly, is a parry, and where can you use it most effectively?


More Effective Melee Warder Lorenzo Calabrese

Melee is more than just fighting several people at once; it's also being in the right place at the right time, coordinating with allies, and knowing whose orders to follow, all without running out of steam. This class covers basic tactics and strategies, better ways to resurrect, choosing your battles, the chain of command and when to break it.


Persona 101 Warder Vladimir Grigorovich D'ragoun

An introductory class on creating and developing your SCA persona. From the basics of a name to when and where you are.


Belly Dancing for Fun Around a Bonfire  Lena Krieger

Ever wish you could dance around a bonfire at an event? Come to my class I won't teach you to be a professional dancer but I will teach you have how to have fun and enjoy the movements of belly dance. We will work on basic form and fun! Please wear loose clothing, no special shoes needed.


Felted Wool Needle Case  Joan Mardsen

Stitch felted wool and flannel together to make a small folder suitable for storing your needle and pins. Class limit 10.




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